Saturday, August 3, 2013


I am not sure this is a vintage recipe but it reminds me very much of something my late mother made when I was young.  I got this today from my niece's facebook page.

Fresh Cucumber Salad...stays in the frig up to 2 months!

7-cups unpeeled pickling cucumbers sliced thin (about 7 large dills)
1-cup sliced onions
1-cup sliced bell peppers
1-tbsp salt
1-cup white vinegar
2-cups sugar
1-tsp celery seed
1-tsp mustard seed

Mix cucumbers, onions, peppers and salt; set a side
Put vinegar, sugar, celery seed and mustard seed in a pot and bring to a boil
Remove from heat and let cool for one hour
Pour mixture over cucumbers
Put in jars and store in refrigerator
Will keep up to 2 months

Makes 2 quart jars 

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Stacey Stinson said...

Had this at my wedding a year ago. Mine just didn't have the peppers, but I think I would prefer them! This was so good!