Tuesday, October 18, 2016


As you can probably tell, I am thoroughly enjoying my 1894 White House Cookbook find. Here is another jewel from that book.

Put in the centre of a dish a pineapple properly pared, cored and sliced, yet retaining as near as practicable its original shape. Peel, quarter, and remove the seeds from four sweet oranges; arrange them in a border around the pineapple. Select four fine bananas, and peel and cut into slices lengthwise; arrange these zigzag-fence fashion around the border of the dish. In the V-shaped spaces around the dish, put tiny mounds of grapes of mixed colors. When complete, the dish should look very appetizing. To half a pint of clear sugar syrup add half an ounce of good brandy; pour over the fruit and serve.

Note: It is too bad we don't have a picture of this dish.

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