Monday, August 11, 2014


When I was a child growing up in Southern Indiana we got our electricity from a Rural Electric Co-op. We got monthly newsletters from the co-op full of information and recipes sent in by readers. This is one of those recipes.
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Caroline said...

It was such a grand time it seems when thing were more simpler. There were so many different types of pamphlets and newsletters sent out with interesting info and kitchen tips. I have an old pharmacy pamphlet with so many interesting articles, recipes, and housekeeping hints. I love to collect "vintage" cookbooks and these little books of information, like your co-op booklet, from flea markets and antique shops. I do love this recipe because my children would very much love this!!! I love your website as well.

Caroline said...

I love to look at "vintage" pamphlets and books such as the one you found this recipe in. Times have surely changed a lot for there surely isn't many places now that send out newsletters or brochures with household hints and recipes. Just the other day I ran across a mini sewing set that was given out by a window company I believe. It was probably from the 1950s. Nobody does that anymore....much. I love this recipe for my children will devour it in a minute. Thank you for posting these wonderful recipes. I can't get enough of anything from days gone by. :)

Linda Wilson said...

Thank you Caroline for your kind words. I, too, love all those old things we no longer seem to have.