Friday, March 6, 2009


This recipe is from an old PTA recipe book.

1 peck (8-qts) green tomatoes
6 green bell peppers
6 red bell peppers
7 large carrots, chopped (cooked separately)
10 onions
3 stalks celery
2 tbsp mixed pickling spice, tied in a cloth bag
5 cups vinegar
5 cups sugar

Cut or grind coarsely all vegetables, except the carrots, and put in salt water brine overnight. (To make the brine use 1/4 cup salt to 1 quart water.) The next day, drain or squeeze out the brine, add carrots which have been chopped or coarsely grind while raw and then cooked. Cook vinegar, sugar and spices together; bring to a boil. Add the vegetables and cook 10 minutes. Put into clean hot canning jars and seal while hot.

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